Fishing Rules

Please respect the lake and other people by following these rules.

1. All carp to be returned to the lake as soon as possible after being caught.

2. Fishing from designated swims only.

3. Please treat our fish with care at all times, and use Klinik or similar or mouth or body ulcers (all hook holds have to be treated)

4. Maximum of 4 rods per lake.

5. No litter of any sort.

6. Carp ARE NOT to be bullied to help avoid mouth damage, you will be told to stop fishing if you are found doing this.

7. Barbless hooks only.

8. No fixed leads of any kind.

9. No keep nets or carp sacks.

10. Unhooking mats to be used at all times.

11. No fires under any circumstances.

12. No bent hooks allowed.

13. Owing to anglers still using heavily oiled and animal pellets, for the protection of our fish we insist that you use our own pellet which is fed to the carp all year.

14. Maximum size of lead 3oz

15. No braided main lines.

16. No swimming in lake at anytime.

17. Minimum 12lb breaking strain line (for carp fishing)

18. No particle baits to be used with the exception of maize prepared and supplied by us.

19. Mainly just use your common sense.

20. Absolutely NO SMOKING in bivvies or safari lodge.