The Lakes

Lake One

As mentioned the lake bed has been sculptured for a more natural and healthy environment for the fish.

Underwater features include a raised plateau area, as well as gullies and raised bars. Also a good amount of reeds and marginal vegetation which all create great feeding areas for the fish and which offers anglers different opportunities and tactics with their angling approach.

We consider lake one the easier of the two to catch on.

Lake Two

As with Lake one this lake also has its own underwater features including a raised plateau with deep bowls and gullies.

There is a good amount of marginal vegetation including reeds etc, and a good amount of overhanging trees which create great fishing spots.

This lake is the deeper of the two lakes with depths ranging from two feet to over 12 feet, giving anglers a more challenging experience.

There is also a day shelter to protect you from the heat of the sun on those long hot sunny days.